Shabbat Schedule

Shabbat Schedule: Parashat Terumah

3/24/2017 – 3/25/2017

Friday Night:
6:05pm: Shir Hashirim #1
6:15pm: Minha #1
6:35pm: Shir Hashirim #2
6:45pm: Minha #2

6:54pm: Candle Lighting
Shabbat Morning:

8:15am: Main Minyan with Rabbi Avi Harari
8:30am: Bnei Shaare Shalom with Rabbi Avraham Benhamu
8:45am: Youth Minyan with Rabbi David Tawil
9:15am: Kids Minyan with Mr. Joey Dweck and Ms. Sara Hertzig

Shabbat Afternoon:
5:35pmRabbis’ Classes
6:35pm: Minha

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