Bnei Shaare Shalom

B’nei Shaare Shalom (BSS) is led by Rabbi Avraham Benhamu during the week and weekend minyans. Our Shabbat minyan consists of over 200 high school, college, and young professionals. During the week, we have a Boys Learning Program  and a Girls Learning Program led by Rabbi Benhamu where we study Megillot, Pirkei Avot, Talmud & Tanach. Throughout the year, BSS hosts special events for the high school and college students in our minyan. It is important to us that throughout the year we are constantly creating events for our young adults to socialize in a safe and loving environment. Our Shabbat minyan is strong in providing a space for our young adults to participate in running the tefillot and taking on leadership positions.

Rabbi Avraham Benhamu has been the anchor and the driving force behind our minyan since its inception. His passion and dedication to it are contagious, and they have undoubtedly become a fundamental part of who we are – both as individuals and as a minyan. The positive attitude and love for Torah that he has instilled in us have prepared us for facing and embracing the countless milestones and challenges that we, as B’nei Shaare Shalom, have encountered over the years.

Our current Presidents for the BSS minyan are Emily Shrem and Isaac Esses.

If you, or your child in (high school and up) would like to become involved with B’nei Shaare Shalom please reach out to us @

Our learning programs are Monday nights at 8pm and our schedule of events (for the weekday, weekends and the holidays) will be posted soon. 


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